Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Harsh Reality

 My previous two posts have now brought us right up to now! Thursday 18th April.

This week has been a massive wake up call to a harsh reality!

So my appointment on Wednesday did not go how I expected it to. On the Monday evening I had another blood test done so it could be compared with the one done on Thursday the previous week. I was really hoping that the Thursday's results were wrong, a fluke, a mistake, a rouge number just messing with my head! But that was not the case!

I was so pleased to be seen by a doctor that has followed my care from since I was pregnant the first time, he knows me, my situation and what I am like at receiving news. Not that stupid doctor from December.

We discussed my results and he just looked at me and said "You know we are looking at progressive kidney disease don't you?" I just smiled and choked back the tears. He asked if anyone had ever done a graph of my results, which they had not. So be began to look through my blood tests from 2007 and dotted them down on a chart. It did not look good, you could very clearly see the downward path my results were taking.

He has said that based on the trend he was looking at, he estimated I could end up with End Stage Renal Failure within the next 4 - 5 years or so. He did stress though that was based on historical readings and there is a slight chance with extra close monitoring that could be prolonged and it is not set in stone. But also that it could go one way or the other.

So there it is... the 10+ years I was originally told, has literally been halved! We started discussing living donors as my husband has been very keen to know whether he is a match or not. It was discussed that if my husband was a match, or I was able to get another living donor they would look at a preemptive kidney transplant in the next couple of years. I am not really sure how I feel about a living donor, it is such a huge thing and so many risks. This is something that will need a lot of thought.

My care has now also been transferred to a more specialist clinic, known as a Low Clearance Clinic (please note the link it not for the clinic I am attending, but some general information on what a low clearance clinic actually involves) My next appointment is Monday 29th April, I have to have another blood test before and I also have to monitor my blood pressure.

I have been so up and down the past two days, feeling it is not fair, why me. I am eating healthy, I exercise, I am trying to do everything right, but it all seems like it has backfired!

I know I have a long and bumpy road ahead, so... Buckle me in and let the journey begin!

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