Monday, 29 April 2013

New Clinic Appointment

Today I have been to see Dr Barton at Orsett Hospital, I have also met "Nurse Sue" and the dietician.

We talked about the symptoms I have been experiencing. One unusual symptom in particular, pins and needles! On Sunday, I had a terrible onset of pins and needles, it started in my tongue and around my mouth, then progressed across my face, down my neck and then my left arm. It was a horrible feeling, but apparently it was set off by anxiety!

The itching and tiredness are a direct result of my kidneys. I have been prescribed some cream to help with the itching and some tablets if the cream does not work, as for the tiredness... well, nothing to be done, but hopefully the cream to help the itching will stop me waking at night, meaning I am getting proper sleep so hopefully, feeling less tired.

We briefly spoke about dialysis and the differences between Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis. Dr Barton said, if he was a kidney patient, he would go for Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) first then on to Hemodialysis (HD) afterwards. He did explain why, but my mind is a bit of a blur at that point!

After talking about dialysis, we touched upon transplantation. It was discussed that someone with a different blood group could still be a living donor, as they would do something with my antibodies, again, can't remember all the jargon, by this point I was just nodding and smiling like the Churchill dog! "Oh yes!" If I was to get a living donor, they would look at starting the process now, as it is a very long drawn out affair. My next clinic appointment is in 6 week and he said he would do the referral then, I am not entirely sure of the process, but I will soon find out!

During the appointment nurse Sue came in for a chat, she was lovely. I now have to wait to get an appointment to see her to discuss all my options about dialysis and such like. It is all a bit overwhelming!

After speaking to the doctor and the nurse it was then on to meet the Dietician! I have been advised that I can have 55g from protien and have to limit my potassium intake (although my bloods were OK, prevention is better than cure and better to be on top of it from the start!)  I am also now limited on how much dairy and eggs I can have, and I have to make sure I eat 1600 calories a day!

So there we have it! Next stop, seeing nurse Sue!

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