Friday, 7 June 2013

Well, what a day this was! Blood tests, A&E and shocking blood results!!!

So, today I went to Basildon hospital for a routine blood test ready for my appointment on Monday and I ended up in A&E having an ECG, being attached to a heart monitor and having a chest x-ray!! :shock:

I went to get my routine blood tests done today and as Mark had the day off as well, he came with me to have a blood test as well (blood group). As I was advised by the dialysis nurse to avoid taking blood from my arms because my veins are rubbish, the phlebotomist, tried in my left hand and got nothing, then tried in my right hand, again, got nothing. I was fine at this point and she said she was going to get another lady to come and help.

As she left, I started to feel a dizzy, I put my head down between my knees, she came back and laid the chair down for me. I started to feel much worse, feeling hot, sweaty, struggling to breathe. I then had an overwhelming sense sickness, I was given a sick bowl and began to seriously wretch, it was agony! I had the most horrendous pains in my chest, I was doubled over in pain. The next thing I know my renal consultant walks in with another lady who shouts out "I have made the call!" The consultant took one look at my and said "Oh my, you are an awful colour!" my reply "It's all your fault!" he felt me and said I was extremely clammy.

After a few more seconds the teeny, tiny blood test room was filled with several people! By this point the pain had subsided, the doctor asked me some questions and then said to the staff behind him "I am certain it is not a cardiac issue, but I want her in A&E for tests!" I was wheeled to A&E in full view of the whole waiting room, I was so embarrassed! I was put in a side room and given an ECG and had a cannula put in, I was then attached to a heart monitor, BP monitor and was waiting for a chest X-ray .

By this point I was feeling fine, embarrassed, but fine. The lovely husband then told me, while I was in the room, there was people running about shouting "MOVE OUT THE WAY, CARDIAC ARREST!!" :shock: :shock: :shock:

Thankfully, it was nothing serious! It was very scary though... On a plus side, and slightly confusing, my husband casually asked what my GFR was and it was 36... THIRTY SIX??? :D I am a bit confused, but I am sure not complaining! Not sure what will happen now with regards to a transplant.


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